One of our primary missions is creating technology and data solutions that unlock the hidden opportunities in the auto parts recycling industry. Although most of our current products are built to solve the unique needs of the auto parts and insurance repair industries, our experience in opportunity engineering, business optimization, and innovation allows us to offer a broad perspective on business strategy and how technology can best leverage new opportunities.

Below you'll find some of our current products and product features. Please call us to discuss specific products and services - and how Autosoft can help you pursue new opportunities.


  • Autosoft Auto Parts Interchange Builder/Manager
  • Autosoft Store Setup and Administration (with Automatic Pricing Decoder and Automatic Price Adjuster Interface)
  • Autosoft Interchange (data services)
  • Autosoft Business Management System (with integrated eBay listing and auction management)
  • Autosoft Marketplace (integrated, web based, auto parts trading platform -- powered by Autosoft Interchange for all makes).


  • AutoQuote Module with integrated POS & CRM
  • Automatic eQuotes (sends email quotes to customers with defined marketing data)
  • AutoFAX (sends fax quotes to customers with defined marketing data)
  • Integrated CRM (with automatic call back reminders at definable intervals)
  • Automatic Pricing Decoder and Algorithms
  • Real-Time, Automatic Price Adjustments (with email notification)
  • Distributed fulfillment processes with centralized data
  • Production Tracking (with email notification)
  • Payment Tracking (with email notification)
  • Shipping Tracking (with email notification)
  • CSNS - (Customer Service Notes System - with email notification)
  • Autosoft Interactive Quoting System (with web interface) - optional
  • Customer Profile Module
  • Return and Replace Module (RMA) including Replacement Order System, Pick-Up Order System, Refunds and Store Credits, Freight Claims and Claims Tracking
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Integration
  • Order Management Module with Integrated credit card authorization/management system and POS/CRM
  • Integrated eBay™ listing and auction management system
  • Integrated WebAd system with custom categorization drill-down
  • Integrated Web Catalog Builder with Search Engine Optimizer
  • Integrated digital imaging with wireless image upload
  • Employee management system and security levels
  • Interchange, Inventory and Pricing Management System
  • Management interface for adjusting system parameters and settings
  • Digitized/Indexed Microfilm System
  • Durable thermal tags with barcoding
  • Business Management Reports